5 ways to have a guy always want you more


You may come across a man who will still be interested in seeing you again and again even after sex on a first date and you will come across another species that will not call you back after sex on the first date. Still, a majority of guys love the chase. So, how can you get a guy to chase you? Here’s the low-down;

1. Have a life.

No seriously. If you’re the kind that constantly messages guys you just started seeing “What are you up to?” It’s not going to go very far. You need to show the guy that you have things going on in your life – a job, school or even a passion that keeps you busy. You’re not sitting down, waiting for that text or call. Think about it, if a guy sees that you have no life or things keeping you busy, he may be afraid that his life will revolve around you if you start dating. Cause obviously, you will be the clingy type, asking to go everywhere with him and honestly, guys need their space every now and then. We all do.

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