5 ways to have a guy always want you more

You may come across a man who will still be interested in seeing you again and again even after sex on a first date and you will come across another species that will not call you back after sex on the first date. Still, a majority of guys love the chase. So, how can you get a guy to chase you? Here’s the low-down;

1. Have a life.

No seriously. If you’re the kind that constantly messages guys you just started seeing “What are you up to?” It’s not going to go very far. You need to show the guy that you have things going on in your life – a job, school or even a passion that keeps you busy. You’re not sitting down, waiting for that text or call. Think about it, if a guy sees that you have no life or things keeping you busy, he may be afraid that his life will revolve around you if you start dating. Cause obviously, you will be the clingy type, asking to go everywhere with him and honestly, guys need their space every now and then. We all do.

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2. Maintain a little mystery.

Don’t tell the person you’re interested in everything about your life. Your childhood, your career goals, your interests and things that make you feel alive. Hold back on some information. Mystery is sexy. If you know everything there is to know about this person, what will you even talk about during dates? The weather? The less he knows, the better as he will keep wanting to see you to know more about you.

3. Be patient.

It’s tempting to dive head first when your feelings towards a certain person are strong. You want to see them all the time. You want to go home with them after a date. I get it. It’s understandable. But you have to be patient. If you want too much too soon, you may end up chasing away the guy. Don’t worry about relationship labels “What are we?” and what not, too early on. Remember what I said about having a life? Yeah…patience is a real virtue. The best thing is to go into something with little expectations, but with the confidence of knowing what exactly what you want in a relationship.

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4. Cliché, old-school and maybe even a little overrated; but, if you’re difficult to obtain, a man will want you more.

Men like a challenge. But, don’t confuse it with the annoying ‘hard to get game’. You don’t have to be rude for instance when a guy asks you to meet up and you say “You’re busy”. Instead, you could for instance give a break down of your schedule and let him know that your Saturday is open and there’s a restaurant you have been meaning to check out. See, the first statement insinuates that you’re too busy for him, almost screams disinterest, while the second shows that you not only take charge, but also have things going on in your life and if he’s happy to join in then cool.

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5. Don’t be needy.

It’s desperate and no one wants a needy chic. Two weeks in and you’re already talking about “rent/school fees issues”. That man will run away very fast. The last thing you want to show, if you want a man to chase you, is that you’re needy. Be it emotionally or financially.

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