5 ways to detect you are in an abusive relationship

The following are signs you must watch out for, to detect that you are in an abusive relationship.

if you notice them, you must leave immediately.

1. You make a lot of excuses

When you find yourself constantly excusing his bad behavior, it’s time to end things. Women who get to this point are those who are simply afraid to deal with a breakup. They would rather blame themselves for his actions than actually risk their hearts by walking away. You should never make excuses for a grown man. If he’s hurting you, leave.
in love with an abuser

2. You’re avoiding your family and friends

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Another sign you’ve fallen in love with an abuser is when you find yourself avoiding close family and friends. This could either because your partner is controlling and insists you don’t see them again. Or you are afraid that those close to you will see the signs of abuse and force you to break up with him.

3. You’re afraid of him

If you always have to walk on eggshells around him, chances are he’s abusive. You start to get nervous when he’s displeased because you know things can get ugly very quickly.

4. You’re waiting for him to change

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It’s important that you be happy with the man you choose instead of hoping he’ll become someone else. So, if all you do is wait for your abuser to change, you may end up getting hurt before that will ever happen.

5. You’re always bending over backwards to please him

Another sign you’re in love with an abuser is if you’re basically killing yourself to make him happy. This usually stems from the fear that if he isn’t getting what he wants, he will find a way to hurt you. You should not be turning yourself inside out to please your partner.

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