5 things you need to ask yourself before moving in with a man

There are things, you need to ask yourself before you move into a house with your man, because you don’t want to get caught off guard.

The following five points will give you a guide before deciding to move in with a man.

1. How’s his attitude to it?

If he is dragging his feet and is on the fence about moving in together, this is a bad sign. Don’t even bother forcing it.

2. Have you met each other’s parents?

If you haven’t met his parents, siblings or closest friends yet, you need to think twice before moving in.

3. Is he serious about the relationship?

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Living together is sometimes a precursor for either getting engaged or married. Moving in with him might be more of a ‘test’ on how you’ll be when you eventually marry, if you get to.

4. Can you afford a place of your own?

The idea of moving in with someone you are in love with is not necessarily limited to being able to afford a place of your own or not. But you want to be sure you won’t be left homeless if things go sour.

Hence, if you cannot afford a place just yet, keep in mind that you need to save enough to get a new place or secure a plan B in case something unexpected happens [Yeah, like him chasing you out in the middle of the night after a nasty fight.]

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5. Do you respect him enough?

Love may come and go, but if you respect your partner, you’ll have a partner for life.

If you have a relationship where there’s common respect, you’ll know you can bank on each other for help and understanding in the long term.

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