5 things you must always say to your partner to make your relationship last longer

Most times some relationship do hit rock bottom and we don’t know where things did go wrong during the days of courtship, below are some few pointers that you should always say, so as to sustain your relationship.


1.You’re gorgeous”

Complimenting your partner is a great way to make them feel appreciated and needed. Compliment them on their strong attributes by saying things like; “I love it when you wear those shoes because you have lovely legs!”

2. How did your day go?”

Never forget to ask your partner about their day. Even if you have been having a bad day yourself, that doesn’t mean you should not ask your partner about their day. Discussing your days with each other deepens the friendship of the relationship.

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3. “Sweetheart, do you remember that day when we ______?”

It’s no doubt that relationships have a way of losing that special “touch” as the years go by. Always remind your partner of the most cherished moments you guys had together. It could be your first vacation together or any other fun day in your lives. This will help both of you always remember why your relationship is so special.

4. How can I help?

Everyone needs help once in a while. If your partner is stressed about something they can’t seem to find, maybe their car keys or some other thing, always ask them how you can help. That way, you will always lighten your partner’s burden, and they will come to rely on you whenever they need help.

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5. I miss you

These words can look so simple, but they have great impacts on relationships. Saying the words “I miss you” to your partner through an email message or a simple text will make them feel needed and appreciated. If your partner is at work and you’re home with the kids, you can send them a group family picture with a text like: “We miss you, and can’t wait to have you home!”

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