5 signs your relationship is over

(3) You argue all the time

Have you started fighting over petty issues nowadays? Then try to dig in and find out, for there must be deeper issues that demand to be resolved. If you start shouting on each other regarding the dish washing turn or movement of the car keys from here to there then things have already got way more serious than it seems.

(4) You don’t talk much anymore

Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. If you have started to notice a drastic fall in the number of your calls or text messages you used to have at the starting time of your relationship, that you barely use your phone now.

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(5) You want different things

Each person on earth wants different things from life, has different desires from one another. In a relationship, when two people start to realize that their wants are also different than each other, that is exactly when the relationship starts getting off. Most of the relationships come to a natural end due to this cause.

Source: Curious Mob


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