5 signs your relationship is over


Relationships are one of the most important parts of our life. To some people, it means their entire world. However, sometimes it might feel unworthy or even requires a walk out. But we are just too afraid to decide whether it’s the right time or do we really need to get out or not.

(1) The fun is gone

Maybe you guys do not fight. You have sex once a week and everything else seems completely fine. But could you recall the time you last laughed together? We are not talking about regular date nights, it’s about how well the time is passing between you two when you are together.

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(2) It’s has been a long time since you had sex

For some people, sex doesn’t matter much and could go happily without any action for weeks. But if you have suddenly noticed your sex life being from heated to frosty, then it’s probably time to re-examine your relationship. Are you not attracted to each other anymore or given up on making efforts? Although sex is not everything in a partnership yet if you are not someone of a low drive and it’s important to you then talk about it with your partner.


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