5 Signs You Are Under Too Much Stress

We all experience stress in our everyday life, as in this modern world, “stress” is unavoidable. However, a time may come when this excessive stress can start harming our health. Here we list out the Top 5 signs of excessive stress.

(1) Fatigue

On an emotional response to something, our brain notes the memory as important and stores it. We enter a heightened emotional state during stress, and the brain tries to store all the info.

(2) Low Libido

Too much stress can diminish your sex drive and may start affecting your relationship too. So if you want your libido to increase and your relationship to be secure you’ll need to calm down a bit, try to spend more time with your other half, and engage yourself in healthy activities such as regular exercise.

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(3) Excessive mood swings

Have you started feeling the people around you, whom you love a lot, to be annoying nowadays, or do tears come out of your eyes even for the smallest reasons? Your stress may be the cause of this.

(4) Lack of concentration and motivation

Excessive stress affects the cognitive centres of the brain – the areas in the brain that are responsible for quick and sharp thinking, and henceforth affects our ability to think properly and concentrate. This lack of focus and motivation can severely affect our everyday life, affecting things such as our studies, job, and relationships

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(5) Overeating or Undereating

Have you started drifting from your usual eating habits, and are you eating more or eating lesser than you used to before? The stress in your life may be the underlying cause for it.

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