5 signs to know you are in a clingy relationship

People have become so obsessed with the social media they forget how to distinguish between healthy relationships from a clingy obsessive one.

Here are a few signs that will help you identify whether you are in a clingy relationship and whether you or your significant other is being clingy.

1.You Drop By At Their Go-to Spots Randomly

Whenever you feel your significant other is ignoring you, you just randomly happen to be passing by their go-to spots. Be it their favorite restaurant, the park, etc. You just need to make sure whether they are actually busy or they are just ignoring you because they are with someone.

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2.You Always Check Their Social Media Activity

You are constantly checking Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to see when they were last online and what they did when they were online. The following tab on Instagram, the favorites or retweets on Twitter, etc. are your best friends for the job, You do it to make sure whether they did something before responding to your last message. Clingy much?

3. Always Checking For Their Response

If you are constantly checking your phone after sending a text to see if they have responded or not, you have reached major clinger status. To be honest most of us fall under this category, as we are all very impatient when it comes to waiting for text messages.

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4. Their Photo Is Your Wallpaper

If you are in a long distance relationship then having the picture of your significant other as your wallpaper is very cute and adorable. But if you see your SO everyday and you spend most waking minutes together you don’t need to have their picture as your wallpaper. It just means you are being clingy in your relationship.

5. You Always Text First.

Well, if you are the one who is always texting first you can count it as a sign that you are in a clingy relationship. I am sure you have a lot of justifications, but here is how you can test whether the theory is true. Try not texting your SO and see if they text you. If it’s been hours without a text from them it means you are the clingy one and you should know that it is okay not to talk to your SO all the time. Get them adjusted to the idea that you have a life and you might be busy so they can text you instead.

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