5 Signs That Someone is Taking Drugs

(3) Change in sleep patterns

Drug users will display a change in their sleep times. Heroin, stimulants and hallucinogens will all cause users to sleep at odd times. They will feel tired and sleepy most of the time. They may feel lethargic or ‘spaced-out’.

(4) Change in attitude

A change in behavior is the most noticeable feature of drug users. Users usually lose interest in their daily activities and social life. They tend to drift away from there and their families. Moreover, they often have mood swings- going from euphoric and energetic to listless and lethargic in a short span of time.

(5) Change in eating habits

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Weight lose or gain is one of the symptoms of drug use. Sudden weight or loss is a sign of long-term use of drugs. Heroin, cocaine and meth and other stimulants usually cause a loss of appetite. Marijuana can cause either a sudden increase or decrease in body weight.

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