5 safety flight tips for first time flyers

By Jumia Travel

The very first time you mount an airplane can be an unforgettable experience. This experience is often split in two. Either it is a memorable one or a forgettable one. Sitting in the plane is not as important as getting to your destination safe and although many other concerns may arise with respect to flying, it is still the fastest means to travel.

Maybe if we don’t take witchcraft into account, we are safe to say this. Today, technology makes it very possible to find out lots of information about flights and how to stay safe. However, for first timers, the anxiety and expectations may just not allow you check on all these. You may end up being taken by surprise although many of the things you need to keep you safe on a flight are simple and straightforward. Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel website with best rates in hotels and flights looks at a few safety flight tips for first time flyers.

Watch what you wear

Just like a party or formal event, you can’t just wear anything when flying in an airplane. Although the isn’t any strict rule about the type of attire to wear, you may what to check the material used in making your chosen outfit. The best clothing to wear on a plane is made of breathable cotton. Clothing which are naturally flame retardant are best recommended. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that make your movements quick and easy. As much as possible don’t expose too much of your body as certain altitudes can naturally be very cold. You want to be protected when that time comes.

Check your electronic gadgets

Whether your travel is for business or leisure, you may be tempted to carry a lot of your electronic gadgets along because for most people, every gadget has it’s own function. Some even carry a laptop, a mobile phone and a tablet all on one trip. If it’s for business, you don’t necessarily have to carry your laptop along. Make sure you save all needed files on a drive or cloud and walk off into the plan very light. If it’s about pictures, your phone may be able to do the whole trick of maybe a digital camera. You don’t need to carry your ipad here too. You should also ensure your electronic devices are in good condition and using batteries and chargers approved by the manufacturer. You don’t want your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to cause a fire onboard.

Pay attention to the safety video or attendant

If you have ever been in an airplane before, this is not one to miss. However, your very first time can be tricky.Often at the back of the seat heads and on small screens, you will see a safety video explaining a lot of things playing so many times it gets annoying at a point. Guess what? You ignore it at your own peril. The videos often have useful information that you may want to take note of. Even if you get angered by the videos, why not pay some attention to the beautiful attendant who often comes in front just before the flight takes off. She warns about the conditions ahead and also gives out a few emergency tips. Failure to listen and take not of key points may lead to damaging consequences. We never plan for evil to befall us but when things happen, we need to be prepared to face it. Paying attention to the video and attendant may just be your ‘’get out of jail card’’

Drink less and respect your flight attendants

In an attempt to kill the anxiety and prepare for the flight, many people tend to rely on alcohol. Heavy drinking may be a temporal solution but may have bigger consequences. If you have to drink, make sure you do it on a minimal scale and have control of yourself. You want to keep a very clear head just in case the unforeseen happens. Flight attendants have flown the route so many times and their experience should be taken into great consideration. Listen to them especially when emergencies arrive. They know exactly what to do. Don’t panic and don’t be in a hurry to save yourself. Trust them to help you stay alive.

Respect your seat neighbour

Just like you do back at home, understand that your neighbour deserves some respect and consideration. Sharing a seat with someone on a plane can be either very fun or very annoying. Don’t behave as though you are on a chartered flight. Sharing the plane and space with someone means respecting their privacy and space. Don’t play music too loud or laugh uncontrollably. When you eat, chew calmly and responsibly and when you sleep, reduce the snoring or avoid it completely.

You can get cheap flights everywhere online but to get the best flights at best rates, there are only a few who have that. Book your flight, follow these basic safety tips and stay safe,

Get to your destination and have a swell time.


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