5 Reasons Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat

No matter what you purchase to help you keep your weight and help you remain younger, they get to stop functioning at some point, unlike the Japanese who chooses to stay naturally fit and youthful though they age as well. They just don’t guise but even stay young and fit in an effortless manner; here are the reasons how.

(1) Cook Light

Japanese are very health conscious when it comes to the food; they stay away from excess oil, heavy cooking or anything unhealthy. They choose fresh food, lightly and gently cooked such as quick stirs fries, pan grilling, steaming and boiling. They say, too much cooking destroys a good amount of food value.

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(2) Rice in every meal

An average Japanese have their rice attached to every single meal. Rice is known to be one of the healthiest foods in the world as it gives us an ideal body weight and has many other benefits too.

(3) Breakfasts are like a king’s meal

The breakfast is said to be the major and the biggest meal of the day in Japan which really is, the breakfast consists of many fractions such as the green tea, steamed rice, omelette, fish, miso soup with tofu etc.

(4) Desserts are kept aside respectfully

Too much sweetness in Japanese people’s diet is not at all sweet for them; they know the effects which sugar can cause them so they keep it aside. They do like desserts, but they consume it in a minimum amount so they stay safe of every bad thing that excess sweetness may cause.

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(5) Exercise is a daily ritual

Japanese people tend to be active with their daily work. Bicycle riding, walking, hiking are the incidental exercises that keep them healthy undoubtedly, they do get some time out for themselves for slight workouts but most of the Japanese do not build muscles intentionally.

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