5 Instant Benefits After You Quit Marijuana

If you regularly smoke large amounts of marijuana, it might be time to face the truth and realize that quitting could very well be the best decision you have ever made for your physical and mental health. Here, we have 5 instant benefits you will receive after you quit marijuana.

(1) Better Sex and Increased Fertility

If you plan on having kids someday or want to have a normal sex drive, then it’s time to quit smoking marijuana because of the negative effects marijuana has on both of these things. Regular marijuana usage will decrease both your sex drive and your ability to perform sexually. While that alone should be enough to quit, it gets worse when it comes to fertility.

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(2) Cognitive Improvement

Research studies have determined that regularly smoking marijuana causes immediate impairment of your memory centers in the brain and can seriously impair your ability to learn and retain information.

(3) Stabilize Your Mood

Whether or not you are actually high, using marijuana affects your mood. Although it is well-known that smoking marijuana allows you to feel relaxed, apathetic, and lethargic, when you are not experiencing that high, you will end up feeling anxious and irritable. This anxiety causes a stress reaction in your body which can damage a number of your organs, particularly your heart, which can become dangerous over time.

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(4) Better Sleep

Health studies done on the effects of marijuana on your sleep have revealed that regular use negatively impacts both your sleep cycles and your quality of sleep. This is because marijuana interrupts your REM cycle, preventing users from having dreams and a normal sleep cycle which is required to truly feel rested when waking up.

(5) Improved Lung Function

One of the first things that you will begin to notice within a few weeks of quitting marijuana is that you will be able to breathe more easily. This will also mean having more energy because as your lungs begin functioning normally again, they are better able to deliver the oxygen to your body that you weren’t getting before.

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