5 health benefits of Onions

Onions might not be loved by so many people due to the fact that, it brings tears from eyes whenever they are cutting it, despite this side of the onion, it also has some health benefits to the human body.

Here are some benefits or Onions

1.  Fights Cancer

With cancer responsible for the loss of so many lives, it’s worth paying attention to anything that might help prevent it. Onions have among their ingredients something called quercetin along with other flavonoids that act as antioxidants that can protect cells from damage that can result in cancer. Beyond the potential of just preventing cancer, quercetin has actually demonstrated the ability to stop the growth of tumors.

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2. Helps heart condition

Eating onions can also improve cardiovascular health through their ability to help lower blood pressure and cut cholesterol. Both the allyl propyl disulphide and chromium contribute to the onion’s ability to improve heart health.

3. Blood Sugar

Maintaining the proper blood sugar level is extremely important if you want to avoid diabetes. Onions contain a compound known as allyl propyl disulphide, which is what gives them that strong odor and can make tears stream down your cheeks when you cut them. The plus side to this compound is that it also helps lower blood sugar. Onions also contain chromium which is key to helping the body’s cells respond to glucose.

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4. Nutrients

Onions provide the body with a number of essential nutrients including vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, and sulphur. Onions also contain a lot of fiber and very low in fat and sodium.

5. Bug Killer

As both the strong taste and odor indicate, onions are pretty potent, and when it comes to the world of germs, onions are a powerful ally. Onions have antimicrobial properties that can kill off bacteria and viruses which may be helpful in keeping infections at bay.

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