5 Food Items You Should Avoid To Be Healthy

If you want to stay healthy then listed below are some food items which you should totally avoid and if possible, eliminate from your diet completely.

(1) Margarine

People were misguided for decades with the advice of having margarine over butter. However, studies have showed that butter is far better for your health. Butter does contain fat, but it contains the fat which is essential for our bodies, unlike margarine.

(2) Biscuits, cake, and sweets

People often look for quick bytes when they are hungry and don’t have enough time to prepare any meal. Biscuits, cake, and sweets are the food items which you can find in any store nearby. You can easily go to such stores, grab them, and attain your hunger within a short while.

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(3) Canned meals

Cannedmeals can never be healthy. Those canned foods are prepared in such a way using different kinds of preservatives so they can last longer, which means, their original nutrient value gets reduced. Some may also contain refined salt and added sugar which is not good for the health either.

(4) Table Salt

Table salt is basically a kind of processed salt containing some chemicals like Ferrocyanide, talc and silica which can be harmful to our bodies. Table salt is unhealthy in the sense that it lacks the essential component found in the real salt known as the trace mineral.

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(5) Salad dressings

We are always asked to eat salad to stay healthy and often make the mistake by adding those salad dressings to make it taste better. These dressings contain sugar; some also contain gluten. It is better to avoid salad dressings.

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