5 Best Exercises You Can Do At Home

Most people don’t know that we can easily do a full body workout from our home without meeting any other people. A body can be easily maintained by practicing some easy exercises regularly from home and no equipment is needed either.

(1) Lunges


This exercise can help work the back muscles, front and rear thighs, core muscles, and can also help shape your legs at the same time. Stand with your feet shoulder wide apart and take a big step forward with your right leg until your left leg is roughly parallel to the ground.

(2) Step-Ups

This exercise is not only effective for legs but also helps your bum. Stand in front of a sturdy chair or tool that comes about 3 inches below your knee. Step your left foot onto the chair and step your right foot up. Step down using your left leg then put it back up again.

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(3) Squats

You can try this by standing in front of a wall to get support when you try this gem of an exercise. Face away from the wall with your feet shoulder wide apart. You can put your arms straight in front of you to get more balance. Squat down by bending your knees about 90 degrees and keep your back supported against the wall.

(4) Jumping Rope

Bring out the child in yourself and get those jumping ropes out of the storage. It’s time you pushed your body to its limits. It will tone both your upper body and lower body and get your blood pumping.

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(5) Push Up

This is a classic most popular exercise all over the world. Lie face down by putting your weight on your palms and toes with your palms shoulder-wide apart. Then push yourself up in that position by pushing on the ground then lower yourself until you nose touches the ground.

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