40 migrants killed in Detention Centre, Libya

At least 40 migrants were killed in an airstrike Tuesday night on their detention centre in a Tripoli suburb which was blamed on Khalifa Haftar, who for three months have been trying to take down the nation’s capital.

At least 70 were also wounded in the raid on Tajoura, an emergency officer said.

A spokesman Osama Ali said, “This is a preliminary assessment and the toll could rise.

He said 120 migrants were detained in the hangar which was directly hit by the strike.



In a statement, the internationally recognised national unity government (GNA) based in Tripoli denounced the attack as a “heinous crime” and blamed it on the “war criminal Khalifar Haftar”.

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Haftar, who controls much of eastern and southern Libya, in early April launched an offensive to take the capital.

The GNA accused pro-Haftar forces of having carried out a “premeditated” and “precise” attack on the migrant centre.

No one has so far claimed responsibility but pro-Haftar media reported Tuesday night a “series of air raids” in Tripoli and Tajoura.

The suburb of Tajoura, which has several military sites belonging to pro-GNA armed groups, is regularly targeted in air raids by Khalifa’s forces.

Source: AFP


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