4 ways your eyes can tell your health condition

The eyes is the one organ with which we can see everything around us, without them, we would have been deprived of the beauty surrounding us. It also helps us to look into a person and realize what they are feeling.

(1) Diabetes

Your eyes can tell you if you have diabetes. If an eye doctor can spot leaky blood vessels in your eye then chances are you have diabetes. Diabetes causes a lot of damage to one’s vision. So if you are looking to save your eyes, then you can actually save yourself from diabetes. If you catch your diabetes at the early stage then you can actually save your life.

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(2) Brain Tumor

While doing an eye exam, the doctor takes a closer look at the blood vessels and the optic nerves connected to the brain. If they notice some sort of swelling or shadows then it means there is something wrong with your brain. These could be either a tumor in the brain or even blood clots which may lead to a brain stroke.

(3) High Blood Pressure

One of the easiest ways to check whether you have a high blood pressure or not is by doing a thorough eye checkup, you can notice the tiny blood vessels in the eyes and if a high blood pressure occurs then the arteries of those eyes will narrow down. This is a sign that you may be suffering from high pressure.

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(4) High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is bad for the human body. It blocks off the blood vessels and clogs up the arteries. As a result, the blood flow is interrupted causing problems like stroke and chest pain. The blockage of arteries can also be noticed in the eyes.

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