4 ways to avoid snake bite


If you live in an environment where you suspect snakes might be living there  or you intend travelling to any of those areas.

Here are a few tips to avoid being bitten by a snake.

(1). Do not provoke

Snakes usually will not attack unless they feel threatened. In the bush, wear sturdy leather shoes and stomp heavily when walking, striking with a stick on the ground in front of you to warn any reptiles you are coming they will most likely just slither away.

Most strikes occur when snakes feel cornered or under threat, or when people accidentally step on them.

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(2)  Be alert and prepared
Outside, have a good look around you for snakes that may hang from tree branches or swim in water, and be careful when turning over rocks or other objects. And remember: snakes are evolved to be well-camouflaged in their environment, whether it be the desert, forest or bush.


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