4 major changes that occurs after marriage

There are always a few changes, that most times tend to occur after marriage that most couple are not prepared for, this article will be very important to you, if you are yet to walk down the aisle.

1. You’ll see a different side of your partner

You don’t really know who a person is until you live with them. So, you will definitely learn new things about the man you love in the days and weeks after marriage. You may learn a few less-than-sexy things as well, such as him farting in his sleep or his morning breath. The good news is, this can make you feel closer than ever.

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2.  You see your partner differently

When you both share surnames and he becomes your emergency contact person and so on, you start to create a new type of bond. He becomes ‘family’ after marriage. You now have a go-to person while making tangible plans. Your relationship feels more solid.

3. Intimacy can get hotter

Some people believe passion fizzles after marriage. But the truth is, being with someone you know and love can give you the comfort you need to let go in the bedroom. Once that trust is established, you become less afraid. You know this person takes you and loves you the way you are. At this point, you may have fewer hangups about your body or even the sound you make in the bedroom.
after marriage

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4. You can create fun new traditions

In the family you’re both coming from, you probably have certain traditions you’ve both built over the years. Now, you and your man get to make new ones which can be quite exciting. It could be monthly date nights or special events on your anniversary. As you have kids, you create traditions that include them as well. Maybe Sunday pizza nights or monthly visits to grandma’s.

In the spirit of being prepared, here are some common problems couples face in the first year of marriage.

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