4 dating rules you need to stop in 2018

The last thing you want is to be looking like an insecure diva in distress! Here are some ridiculous dating rules you need to throw out the door:

1.The guy has to do the asking

So you’re just there wishing and hoping and praying that someone should ask you out… Umm what about you woman up and go for want you want. Time to dump this ridiculous dating rule darling. There’s no better time or generation to boss up and shoot your shot cause chances are if you don’t you’ll spend more time waiting than dating.

2. Playing hard to get

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Well there’s a right way of following this rule. There’s also a million wrong ways that makes it simply ridiculous. We get you don’t want to look vulnerable but the truth is putting up walls won’t secure you a relationship. Ideas like waiting a few days to call or text, not picking up his call immediately, not saying “I love you” first might just simply translate to mean you’re not interested even when you really are!So ladies don’t shy away, any guy who reacts poorly when you’re honest about how you feel is not the guy you want to be dating.

3. Don’t accept quick invites

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This characterizes ridiculous dating rules and a lot of ladies are guilty of it. Apparently being candid about the fact that you like someone’s company will come off as being too clingy and make them lose interest. We think not! if someone wants ask to spend time with you and you want to, just do it. If you offer and they are passive about it then they’re not worth your time. And you know who doesn’t want to spend much time with you? Players who are seeing other women. Just saying.
ridiculous dating rules

4.  Avoid having serious conversations

Hold on! Who even comes up with these rules? This is literally the most important thing to talk about and the sooner you discuss it the better. What you don’t want to do is drag having the conversation till its too late and he responds with “I’m not really looking to settle down”. Fine, it’s not the best thing to talk about on the first date but once there’s an established connection then we see no crime in asking whether or not you’re officially dating or about their long time plans of a future with you in it.

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