3 ways to know your in-law will be troublesome

There are some signs of troublesome in-laws you should be aware of. These do not necessarily mean you have to end things with your man. But they can help you prepare and perhaps set necessary boundaries.

1. They are critical

Troublesome in-laws may not be obviously hostile, but you will notice it when they seem to be overly critical of you. They can point out some of your ‘flaws’ offhandedly or make subtle comments aimed at making you feel bad about something you said or did.

2.They are demanding

You should also watch out for your in-laws-to-be if they have the habit of demanding your time and attention regardless of whether it’s convenient for you. For example, troublesome in-laws may ask you for a favor while you’re at work and expect you to leave whatever you’re doing to attend to them. Or they become downright nasty when you have to decline an invitation due to a prior commitment.

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3. Your partner changes after you meet them

Meeting the parents is a big deal and may sometimes lead to tension. However, if your man suddenly starts to point out your flaws after you met his folks, this is an issue. For example, he starts talking about how you wear too much makeup when he never had a problem with it before.

Chances are, this is his family speaking through him and if that starts to happen, you will have challenges down the line. It means that whenever his family disagrees with your choices as a couple, your man isn’t tough enough to stand his ground.

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