16 years marriage set to crumble over infidelity

A sixteen year marriage might be coming to an end, after the wife, Nike Ogunleye decided to return to her family’s house,following the beating she received from her husband Gbenga Ogunleye.

According to reports, the incident happened at their residence at No 20 Apostle Shoneye Street, Ayede, Ogun State, the husband accused his wife of having an affair with one Baba Habeeb.

According to reports, from the wife: “’I told him that Baba Habeeb’s wife is a friend, but before I finished my explanation, he descended on me, he gave me a dirty slap.

The beaten was too much. In fact, I regret marrying him and I have decided to go back to my family house. I have been living in hell. I taught I could manage the situation but it has gotten out of hand.”

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Source: Veno News


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