15 year old maid assaults her boss’s child

We can’t afford to be careless, when it comes to having a maid in the house, especially when you have children who are not yet matured at home.

A woman is seeking for justice after her young daughter was allegedly molested and sexually assaulted by her 15-year-old house maid,according to the woman, the house maid allegedly inserted her finger into the private part of her daughter and molested her.

The woman who shared her story with human rights activist, Emeka Ugwuonye, also revealed how she beat her first daughter mercilessly after thinking she was the person responsible for the grievous act.

It was later discovered that the house maid was responsible as she revealed that she pleasures herself by inserting her finger inside the girl’s private part and also rubbing her breasts.

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Read the conversation between the mother and a human right activist

Source: ( tsb.com.ng)

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