10 ways to get over a failed relationship

Most times, it is difficult to get past or over a failed relationship because we have invested a lot into it and to move on becomes tough, we have outlined 10 ways to get you past a failed relationship.

1. Take a Breather, and Feel Your Feelings

Far too often, people don’t give themselves the space and time to simply be in the emotions and feel them, Piper S. Grant, a licensed clinical psychologist, sex therapist and relationship expert, explains. “So if you need to scream, scream—into a pillow rather than at your partner,” she says. “If you need to cry, then let yourself go into that ugly cry.”

2. Turn to Your Support Network

Reach out to a friend that you know can be supportive and free of judgment. “It is not uncommon for friends to want to jump to your rescue and quickly offer advice for what you need to do,” Grant says. They might think they’re being helpful, but ultimately, they might just make you feel confused—and less sure of what you need to do.

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3. Try to Understand What Happened

Make sure you listen to your partner, and avoid making assumptions. “As much as you might not want to hear about the specific details, you will want to create an understanding for why your partner did what they did,” Bethany Ricciardi, a sex and relationship expert with TooTimid, says.

4. Assess the Status of Your Situation

Where did you find out? Are you safe? Do you feel comfortable staying in the same place as your partner? If not, find somewhere safe for the night and make sure you take care of yourself first, suggests Ricciardi. “Things can get pretty unstable when working through infidelity, and you want to make sure you’re in a stable environment so you can continue to take care of your everyday life.”

5. Know It’s Not Your Fault

It was their call to cheat when they did, and you can’t take it out on yourself. “No matter what the situation was, your partner had a commitment to you, and you can’t feel responsible for it,” Lori Bizzoco, a relationship expert and founder of Cupid’s Pulse, says.

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6. Evaluate Your Options

It might be hard to make a final decision, but start to lay the foundation for which direction this relationship is going. “Whether you stay together or decide to move on, at this stage, you need to focus on your coping skills,” Ricciardi says. “Work through it to forgive or to forget.”

7. Take 24 Hours Before Making Any Big Decisions

No big decisions need to be made immediately, so give yourself at least 24 hours to make any big decisions, suggests Grant. “Right after finding about a partner cheating, we can feel like we need to go straight into fix-it mode or make big decisions based on discovering the sexual infidelity. Rather than being reactive, be intentional and thoughtful.”

8. Reevaluate the Relationship

You should take a step back and decide if your partner cheating is something that is forgivable. “If it’s something that you can forgive them for, then you’ll need to have a conversation about how to move forward in the best way possible. If not, then you’ll have to move on in the best way you can,” says Bizzoco.

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9. Avoid Social Media

“You don’t want to react online and write about how much you hate your partner just to later forgive them for their actions,” says Ricciardi. And the exact opposite can be just as bad. “Don’t post fake, happy photos to get your partner jealous or to disguise that you’re OK when really you’re not. Keep your business to yourself and give yourself some time to process everything and stay offline.”

10. Avoid Acting Vengefully

“You’re really hurting right now, and you want your partner to hurt the same, but don’t spread the pain,” says Ricciardi. You don’t want to do anything you can’t reverse, and at the end of the day, you won’t feel better ‘getting back’ at the back of your mind.

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