10 things a woman must know before she attains 25

There are some basic things that is expected of a woman at a particular age, some women do not learn these things before attaining a particular age.

1. Cook a signature meal from scratch.

It doesn’t have to be Chef Gordon Ramsay certified, but you need to be able to cook at least one meal from start to end. And I don’t mean boiling noodles lol. If not, you need to start practising.

2. Filing your taxes.

At 25, you’ve already probably worked your first job and you’re progressing slowly but steadily in your career. No one will ever teach you how to file your taxes and come every June, you will start struggling. If you’re working, or even if you’re looking for a job teach yourself how to file your taxes.

3. Negotiate a salary.

By 25, you should know exactly what you want, sure, you may not have it all figured out, but you should be able to know what path you want your career and life to take. When it comes to your job, be able to negotiate a pay that’s fair. Don’t be a yes person all the time. Sometimes, it’s necessary to say no and stand your ground. Be able to show your employer that you’re of value to them and deserve a better pay for all the effort you put in making the company grow.

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4. Be able to budget.

At this age, you begin to have bills. You have probably moved out and live on your own so, you need to learn how to budget your money aka the real adulting.

5. Ask a guy out on a date.

Gone are the days when women would wait for the guys to approach them. You like a guy? Make the first move, ask him out on a date. Know what you want in a man and in a relationship and never lower your standards for anyone.

6. Be a fixer.

Be able to fix basic things, a car tire. Yes, a car tire…A . that’s come out, a clogged drainage, replace a bulb, fix our gas and what not. It’s necessary to learn basic home skills as they will come in handy in the near future.

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7. Be able to leave toxic environments.

Be it a toxic work environment, a toxic relationship or even toxic friends. You need to learn when it’s time to let go. When you’re no longer growing as a person. When the job or friendship is not adding any sort of value in your life. Remember what I said about not being a ‘yes’ person? Yup, I reiterate, learn when to say no and have no apologies about wanting what’s good for you.

8. Be okay being single and in your own company.

At this age, you may feel the need to start rushing in a relationship, especially if you’re giving yourself a timeline of being married with kids by the time you hit 30. But, you shouldn’t let anything rush you, everything comes when the time is right. Rushed and forced marriages will only lead to divorce. Have fun, your 20s are for figuring yourself out, getting your ducks in a row.

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9. Have key wardrobe staples.

Clothing items you can fish out for special occasions – A little black dress, a blazer or coat that you can pair with many basic items, a signature scent, a nice leather handbag, shoes and some basic makeup skills.

10. Know how to give yourself sexual pleasure.

Learn how to let those fingers do the walking boo, work for your own orgasm cause no one owes you one. Explore your body, figure out what you like in bed and do not be afraid to ask to pleasured in a certain way.

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