VIDEO: I’m not bothered by ‘dumb question’ trolls – Wendy Shay


After being on the receiving end of immense social media bullying for describing an interview question as dumb, Wendy Shay has stated that she is unperturbed by the reactions.

The artiste in an interview with MzGee was asked “who is Wendy Shay?”

Unable to comprehend, the singer labelled the question as dumb and abruptly ended the interview leaving the interviewer in awe.

Speaking in an interview with Maxwell Amoofia after the incident, Wendy Shay, who was surrounded by her hype man and her manager, stressed that she was in no way worried about the numerous negative comments about her.

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“I wasn’t bothered. It is part of the game. It is showbiz. It is past so let’s move on,” she said.

Asked if she has any resentment for the interviewer after the incident, Wendy Shay responded in the negative.

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