Three names you must never call your spouse

There are names that tend to bring our partners down and we must never call them those names because,it might fall down their moral.

The following are three names you should never call your partner – and that you are joking or being angry is not even an excuse.

1. Fat

If you call your woman this, you would be creating for yourself an issue that is totally avoidable. She may forgive you but the concern may never leave her. The body worry will always be there long after you have apologized and told her that you only said it in a moment of craziness.

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She may never stop wondering if you really find her sexy and she may also never stop being insecure about her body.

2. Worthless

Calling your partner this will call to question their importance in your life. All the good they have ever done… everything gets called to question and it will hurt really badly.

They may forgive. But will they forget?

It will be hard to explain to your boo that calling her useless with a nasty tone was a joke, too.

3. Ugly

This one is flat out wrong. Don’t do it. No anger, no disagreement, or quarrel should make you do this. It’s so wrong.

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