Must Read!!! Seven things you must never say to your husband


There are things you should never think of saying to your husband either jokingly or intentionally, because words are powerful and it might put an end to your marriage even before it begins.

1. You never do this and that:

If you have noted that he has adopted a habit that you do not like, don’t wait until it’s too late so that you get a reason to yell at him. Tell him the moment he does it let’s say for the second time. If it’s a responsibility he longer meets, talk to him about it before it goes out of hand.

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2. My friend’s husband does this

Telling him what your friend’s husband does to her might feel like a good way to challenge him. But it’s not because he can’t be like that other person. Let him be good at what he does and don’t forget that he can never be perfect.

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