Luis Suarez gets new neck tattoo – and here’s what it means


Luis Suarez has got new ink, and the design has a pretty special meaning to him.

The Barcelona star hasn’t quite been at his prolific best this season, but he’ll be hoping that the new addition to his neck will help him score more goals.

Because it is modelled on what he does after he finds the net.

The former Liverpool forward has scored nine goals for Barca so far this season, and although he’s normally got more than that by this stage of the campaign, he did still manage a hat-trick in the 5-1 trouncing of Real Madrid that will be remembered by Barca fans for decades.

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And Suarez will now have a permanent reminder of the goals he scored that day on his neck, as well as pretty much every other time he’s found the net.

Because the new tattoo, below the left half of Suarez’s face, simply features two fingers and thumb.

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